Recommended Puppy Supplies

What do you need & the best place to look for it.

Highland Goldendoodles suggests Amazon for purchasing puppy supplies, usually Amazon is cheaper than the box stores. You should be able to purchase everything you need there except our PawTree food, treats, potty cleanup supplies and supplements can be purchased using the link at the bottom of this page.


We recommend a 42” crate for our standard (40-55 lbs) Goldendoodles, a 24in-36in crate for our Mini (20-30 lbs) Goldendoodles and a 24in crate for our Micro (15-20 lbs) Goldendoodles. One with a divider that can be adjusted will save you from having to buy another crate when the dog grows. Use a towel or blanket that’s easily washable them for the first few months, then switch to a comfy bed for the crate.
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For the first several months (until no accidents) I recommend that your puppy be crated at night and for nap. While you do not need a bed right away I do recommend getting a nice pad or elevated dog bed for training purposes, we regularly use pads or elevated beds for training and for placing our dogs and puppies, we keep ours in the main area of our home to place our dogs when people come over, during dinner, etc. it is one of the most used dog items in our home!
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Collar, halter & leash

We recommend a quick snap style collar for your puppy. Puppies can easily get themselves hung up on something, this type of collar will unsnap quickly to prevent strangulation. Leashes should be in different lengths, you ’lluse them for different purposes. DON’T get retractable style dog leash, these are not helpful with training. Get a short standard style leash for walking to teach your puppy the heel command. A longer style leash can be used for training purposes and having your puppy tethered to you! Also be sure to get a pet id tag with your puppies name and your contact info!
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Grooming Supplies

Goldendoodle coats require weekly brushing. I highly suggest you get a good slicker brush and a detangler comb. Every two weeks you should trim around the puppy’s eyes so they can see. I recommend that you have your puppy trimmed once they are 6 months old and then every 2-3 months. Make sure that you continue to brush them weekly; I can’t stress enough how glad you will be when they go to get groomed. If the dog has mats the groomer will cut your dog very short and it will look like a poodle. I promise that is not what you want. You only need to give you puppy a bath once a month if they are dirty. More often will dry out their skin and dull their coat. Make sure you get a high quality non drying puppy shampoo.
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My preferred toys are Kong brand toys or Nylabones, these are strong enough that puppies can’t chew off pieces of plastic that can choke them or make them sick.

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